What are The Core Protocols?

What if management consultants took their hard-won best practices and published them freely, as open source “software”.  Free to the world to share and improve.

We did that and we do that. 

The Core Protocols are our “best practices” for people, teams of people and organizations that want to get great results – all the time.  They are “Core” because they are foundational – they can be used by all teams, anywhere, even if you already have organizational patterns and best practices of your own.  They are “Protocols” because they name and prescribe ways that people can interact (behavior), predictably, like the “protocols” followed in diplomacy. 

So, the Core Protocols:

  • are named tactics that people can use to get better results
  • can be used by individuals, teams and organizations
  • are open source and “versioned” (improved over time) like software

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